"Will anybody listen?" parents' views on childhood asthma care: a qualitative study.

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Warren, Kate
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Background: Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children, resulting in considerable morbidity and health care utilisation, especially in geographical areas with high deprivation. Parents play a pivotal role in children's asthma management. Aim: To explore the views of parents whose children have asthma, regarding barriers and facilitators to receiving adequate asthma care. Design & setting: A qualitative study conducted in an urban, multi-ethnic setting with high socioeconomic deprivation and paediatric asthma related hospital admissions. Method: The study used a pragmatic approach underpinned by a perspective of critical realism. Parents of children with asthma were recruited through purposive and convenience sampling and data collected through semi-structured interviews. Transcripts were analysed using thematic analysis, facilitated by NVivo software. Results: 10 parents participated in nine interviews. Six themes were identified relating to: (1) the establishment of a new life dynamic following a diagnosis of asthma; (2) the turbulent and drawn-out process of asthma diagnosis; (3) the roles and expectations of the partnership established between parents and healthcare services; (4) the importance of schools in asthma management; (5) sources and access to relevant information; and (6) the importance of social support networks. Parents frequently felt unsupported and misunderstood, particularly during the diagnostic process. Conclusion: Unmet parental educational and emotional needs, particularly around the time of diagnosis were identified as a key barrier to adequate asthma management. Deeper understanding of gaps in support can instruct asthma care delivery and inform co-produced interventions, thus improving asthma outcomes in children.
Received 18th March 2024. Revised 7th May 2024. Accepted 15th May 2024. Published online 28th May 2024. Published online May 28, 2024.
Lange D, Lindenmeyer A, Warren K, Haroon S, Nagakumar P. "Will anybody listen?" parents' views on childhood asthma care: a qualitative study. BJGP Open. 2024 May 28:BJGPO.2024.0070. doi: 10.3399/BJGPO.2024.0070. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38806215.