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  • Guilt, shame and negative emotion in undergraduate medical education: is there a role for Balint groups? 

    Greenlees, George; Archer, Laura (Medical Humanities, BMJ Publishing Group., 2022-12-01)
    Balint groups are a structured discussion which explores non-clinical aspects of the doctor–patient relationship. In this commentary piece we describe our experience of a Balint group for final-year medical students in a ...
  • Health and wellbeing amidst a prolonged pandemic: implications for physicians and patients. 

    Arawomo, A O (West African Journal of Medicine, West African College of Physicians, 2022-12-29)
    Health is wealth, so goes the popular maxim. The 46th West African College of Physicians Annual General and Scientific Meeting focuses on Health and Wellbeing Amidst a Prolonged Pandemic. Health and wellbeing are closely ...
  • Going green with the patient moving and handling team. 

    Smith, Janet (IHSCM Regional Hub Magazine, Institute of Health and Social Care Management., 2022-10-01)
    In September 2018 following an NHS clinical review of slide sheets, the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Patient Moving and Handling Team began a piece of work to look at the use of this equipment within the Trust. The usage ...
  • CPEP and beyond! 

    Eddison, Nicola; Leslie, Rosalind (IHSCM Regional Hub Magazine, Institute of Health and Social Care Management., 2022-10-01)
    Discusses the link tutor role between Keele and Wolverhampton Universities in relation to supporting the Clinical Placement Expansion Programme for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.
  • Differentiating clinical audit, service evaluation, research, and usual practice/surveillance work in the NHS. 

    Jacques, Lorraine (Care to Share., The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, 2022-12-21)
    Have you ever thought about directing a change in practice? Or looked at a procedure or task and wondered if it would be better if it was done in a different way? As part of our everyday duties in the NHS we strive to ...
  • Improving MRCP PACES teaching through the introduction of a regional virtual project. 

    Willmer, Katherine (Future Healthcare Journal, Royal College of Physicians, 2022-07-01)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant disruption to Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills (PACES) teaching across various trusts in the West Midlands. As trainee representatives, we highlighted the ...
  • Library and knowledge service update. 

    Collins, Pamela (Care to Share., The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust., 2022-06-01)
    RWT's Library and Knowledge Service now has an institutional subscription to BMJ Case reports - the world's largest online repository of case reports. If you would like to publish your case report, contact the ...
  • The effectiveness of a specific foundation year 1 induction programme in improving confidence for newly qualified doctors in the UK. 

    Gupta, Keshav Kumar; Bhamra, Navdeep; Jolly, Karan (Medical Science Educator, Springer Nature, 2022-09-02)
    Background Despite the completion of 5 or 6 years of undergraduate study, the transition to a newly qualified foundation year 1 doctor (FY1) in the UK has been recognised as challenging. We created a specific FY1 Induction ...
  • How can we keep active in our new virtual world of work? 

    Eddison, Nicola (Care to Share, The Wolverhampton NHS Trust., 2022-06-01)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has made us re-evaluate the way we work - in particular changing meetings, with the vast majority now taking place virtually. The seismic shift has saved the NHS thousands of hours. It has been ...
  • Why are journals from less-developed countries constrained to low impact factors? 

    Benamer, Hani (Libyan Journal of Medicine, Taylor & Francis., 2014-09-15)
    ugene Garfield's brainchild, the journal impact factor (IF), was a brilliant idea born at the dawn of the information technology revolution and has become the most widely used bibliometric tool for evaluating journals. ...
  • Assessing students from multiple years using a single objective structured clinical examination. 

    Lawrence, Beniko; Modupe, Anu; Blundell, David (Medical Teacher, Taylor & Francis, 2016-08-15)
    No abstract available.
  • Available tools to evaluate digital health literacy and engagement with eHealth resources: a scoping review. 

    Singh, Baldev (Heliyon, Elsevier., 2022-08-23)
    Background: As eHealth and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) within healthcare becomes widespread, it is important to ensure that these forms of healthcare are accessible to the users. One factor that ...
  • How a better understanding of nursing research roles may help to embed research into clinical structures. 

    Smythe, Analisa; Carter, Vanda; Cannaby, Ann-Marie (British Journal of Nursing, Mark Allen Publishing., 2022-09-22)
    Background:Despite efforts to build research capacity within nursing there are growing concerns about the lack of funding and support for nurses who wish to pursue a career in research. Aim:To explore how research capacity ...
  • The impact of COVID-19-related educational disruption on final year medical students in Birmingham, United Kingdom: a mixed methods study 

    Bustin, Claire (MedEdPublish, Taylor and Francis., 2022-08-01)
    Background: The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented pressure on healthcare systems worldwide. Public health measures that intended to limit the spread of the virus had the unintended effect of necessitating the swift ...
  • The benefits of writing articles and sharing our knowledge and experience. 

    Eddison, Nicola; Leslie, Rosalind; Pugh, Kate; Parry, Gail; Tisdale, Louise; Mckeown, Catherine (BAPO Connect, British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists, 2023-07-01)
    You've been asked to write an article about something you know a lot about. The deadline is approaching. You try to get started but decide the car needs to be washed instead. Procrastination triumphs. The deadline is ...
  • COVID-19 seroprevalence after the first UK wave of the pandemic and its association with the physical and mental wellbeing of secondary care healthcare workers 

    Sethi, Sonika; Sharrod-Cole, Hayley; Race, Adam; Bateman, James; Basu, Supratik; Cotton, James Matthew (Brain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health, Elsevier, 2022-10-01)
    Objectives: To determine the seroprevalence of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) antibody status amongst healthcare workers (HCWs) working through the first wave of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ...
  • Nurse clinical fellowship programme. 

    Marsh, Zoe (IHSCM Regional Hub Magazine, Institute of Health and Social Care Management, 2022-03-01)
    Shortages in nursing are the single biggest and most urgent workforce issue that the NHS needs to address. The Nurse Clinical Fellowship Programme was established by The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust in 2018. The unique ...
  • NHS futures 360 - career path finder. 

    Hodgkinson, Oli (IHSCM Regional Hub Magazine, Institute of Health and Social Care Management, 2022-03-01)
    Oli discusses how virtual tours helped to promote job roles within the trust during the COVID-19 restrictions within the trust and now external visitors, so no work placements were available to potential trainees.
  • Going the extra mile. 

    Smith, Janet (IHSCM Regional Hub Magazine, Institute of Health and Social Care Management, 2022-05-01)
    Martin Wiles delivered toys found in a clearance of one of the children's wards at New Cross Hospital to the Sue Ryder Care shop in Whitmore Reans. Rather than throw them out this will help reuse them, reducing the amount ...
  • Greening theatres: the New Cross experience. 

    Cheema, Ranvir; Smith, Janet; Netke, Bhagyashree (IHSCM Regional Hub Magazine, Institute of Health and Social Care Management, 2022-05-01)
    The world is facing a climate emergency, with concentration of greenhouse gases and global temperatures rising. Te climate emergency also creates a health emergency, posing direct threats to health. The article discusses ...

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